Friday, 18 February 2011

P-Whaley, Equipto and TD Camp - 3 Shades of Rhythm

Another Hella Records release via Bandcamp... And another dope slice of golden era ish... The highlight of this 4 track (cover says 22 and bandcamp says 17 tracks?) is TD Camp's production its simply sublime... The only discription of this EP/LP/I dont know is as follows 'Recorded in 1991 at Jam Studios, Studio 280, and on TD's 4-Track'... Anyway support Hip hop and your own tastes and get this because its brilliant and best of all free!..

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Corporal AssKick - Ms Murray's Son (Mixtape)

Another hot of the press release from my dude Corp. I will always support people that support me so heres my dudes epic mixtape... Some of these songs are really dope and people should be giving this man cash for his music. The fact that this is a Shadyville/G-Unit/Coast 2 Coast Mixtape is large and hopefully sometime soon Corp will hit us with an LP...

Anyway I'm going to leave you in the hands of Farrock's finest...

Monday, 7 February 2011

MOEdavey - Beats for the Minimum Wagers (Remastered Re-Up)

My dude Dingle that MC got at me this week after the release of 'Return of the Beats for the Minimum Wagers' (which if you have checked my music in the past would know that it was an LP I uploaded for people that can't afford beats but I pulled it off after awhile) after we both got confused once I told him about the release. He thought that I was uploading the original (but it was the 2nd one). 
So anyway I told him that I would re upload it and I decided to remaster it and also add 4 bonus beats I decided to leave off the LP. So please come download and get at me with your thoughts. I do this for you and Hip hop PEACE...

Endangered Elements - Natural Heights (1992)

Another great free slice of golden era ish... Endangered Elements were the shit in my mind... From their dope production to the awesome poetry they are truly underated just check this out...

'Known for it's innovation in Hip Hop for 1992'. Natural Heights, also became a Jeep banger in the summer of 92'. This ep' got them heard and recognized. College radio Dj's banged it out, aswell as club Dj's and Hip Hop headz gravitated towards it!'

Sunday, 6 February 2011

MOEdavey - Return to the Beats for the Minimum Wagers

Another drop from me and the first drop of this year. A beat tape including some pretty strong shit if you ask me. I remember chosing what i was going to go on the 2nd 'Beats for the Minimum Wagers' album and I did have a playlist but in the end revised it and chose these... Made over the last two years these beats are free and it kind of pains me too do this for free as i need to pay bills haha...

But in the end I do it for you and Hip hop so enjoy!

MF Moogie - Molesting Forks

First off, my appologise for the lack of posts I won't bullshit and say I was to busy it was more my lack of infuciasm and thoughts that nobody would be bothered to read my posts but I have no changed my attitude and i'm thinking fuck it. I believe it's like that horendus movie 'Field of Dreams'... ''If you build it they will come''... So here is a Beneath the Underdog exclusive release from my dude MF Moogie. A beat tape that should capture a Hip hop heads imagination as it's got a lot of different flavour and isn't your average run of the mill...

So please download and support us artists that give away our music for free.

Sunday, 31 October 2010

MOEdavey - THEyearWEmakeCONTACT

Trick or treat? Well after all the time that has been taken up due to my new job i havent had time to do much including the release of my new EP... But since I have today off I decided that I would treat you Hip hop heads with some instrumentals. Anyway people have a great halloween and please support Beneath the Underdog by downloading the free EP (it helps us to know at least someones listening and the audience is out there... Keep it Hip hop and keep this shit alive! PEACE