Monday, 11 October 2010


MF Doom week has landed! And as i promised i will be posting free MF doom music once a day, all week... On Sunday i will be posting exclusive photos and videos from MF Doom's gig in Bristol on the 16th and i will give you my opinion on whether he is good live (if its even him). Anyway back to the free shit...I stumbled across this about 3 months ago or so and i was at first thinking what the hell, but this EP is pretty dope although its got absolutely nothing to do with Sacha Cohen but does have one or two samples from the Borat movie... Anyway im not going to write much im just going to let you read the description from MF Borat aka Dig Dug's (Agartha Audio's) bandcamp...

'In 2006, during a stint out west to promote his then new movie, Sacha Cohen, (aka Borat) met Daniel Dumile, better known as Zev Love X, or MF DOOM. Their blazing freestyle ciphers and mutual love of Purple Kush led to an impromptu recording of Doom’s ‘My Favorite Ladies’ verses (see Herbalisers’ Something Wicked…album) over a beat Borat had made back in ’05 with Kulki Boolchek, a Khazak producer. Later that year Doom ventured east, and recorded three more gems with Cohen at the castle of Rudolf II in Prague, renowned for its stone acoustics. DigDug bought the master off a based-out gypsy in East Oakland and the rest is history! **Please FREELY DOWNLOAD THESE GEMS**, as they have been labeled ‘Degenerate Music’ by the Putin administration and the whole album is banned in the greater East. Censorship will never extinguish true heat.'

So please go download the EP and tell us your thoughts on the project PEACE...

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